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   We are the part of international group NGK INSULATORS established in 1919 with its begining in 1876.

NGK INSULATORS Group with its Head Office in Nagoya has many sites located in whole the world.
The world is becoming unified in the age of borderless markets. Seeking to engage in overseas business, NGK has always done business with world markets in mind. At present, NGK not only manufactures insulators, but also has production and marketing operations for ceramics, metals and other important products in almost all continents of the world.
NGK’s research and development spanning from basic ceramic research to final applications and business development. We are creating new products to form the core of future business operations. We supply products and technology of the same high quality in every part of the world.
Our global perspective of - "the world is one"- will continue to be a key to our business.

Below please find the link to the main web site of the Corporation.

Japan - Headoffice

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